Stocks Lane Primary School

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Cedar Sounds 10


 Stay and Play in Willow



Glow Disco

Sports Relief



World Book Day







Our children chose gifts for Mother's Day.


Our boys with their Kurling certificates.







Year 6 loving the cold weather

Cedar Sounds 9

Cedar Sounds 8

Nell Bank

 Cedar Sounds 7

 Cedar Sounds 6

Planters for Schools

At last, we have vegetables!


It's thirsty work. For us...and the plants!




Cedar Sounds 6

Planters for Schools

        This week we were amazed to see how much the vegetables had grown.  We weeded the plots and gave them all a good water.

We also deadheaded the daffodils in Victoria Hall garden and learnt about composting.




Cedar Sounds 5

Our Coronation Fun

To celebrate the King's coronation, each class made a planter for Lily's garden.




Planters For Schools with Queensbury Community Programme


We were provided with gloves and trowels ready to get to work.


We planted seed potatoes and made sure the shoots were pointing upwards.


We planted red onions, spring onions, peppers and tomatoes - we had to be very careful with the roots.


We are very pleased with our achievements. Next time - weeding!!


What a lovely day for Sycamore's Litter Pick




Our Eggcellent Cre-eggtions

Willow Class Entries


Willow Class Winner


Laurel Class Entries

Laurel Class Winner



Sycamore Class Entries

Sycamore Class Winner


Rowan Class Entries

Rowan Class Winner


Cherry Blossom Entries

Cherry Blossom Winner


Oak Class Entries


Oak Class Winners


Acer Class Winners


Cedar Sounds 4


Litter Pick

It was such a muddy and soggy day but we had a great time.

Rowan Class Assembly

                                             Rowan Class presented their fantastic assembly based on the Monarchy, They showcased their amazing writing,                                     performed a song, displayed their art work and finished by reciting, with actions, a super poem.




The Plumber Drummer came to visit with his pipes and flip-flops.


Cedar Sounds 3 

Cedar Sounds 2

Cedar Sounds' Radio Show

Comic Relief





World Book Day






Cherry Blossom go Litter Picking




                                         On a Friday afternoon, we have Golden Time where we chose an activity to take part in.                          This week some children chose a nature walk.


Tree planting Scheme

                     We have been extremely lucky to have a visitor in school this week.

                   His name was Shaune O’Hare, from YORgreencic. This company supports communities to create and                     manage green spaces. Twelve lucky children were chosen to take part in a special activity. 

They helped to plant fruit plants in our trim trail area.



 Winter Wonderland Walk with Laurel