Stocks Lane Primary School

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Oak Class


We are a Year 5 class.  

    Our teacher is Mrs Bruce.

Our teaching assistants are Mr Green and Mr Ratcliffe is our SEND teaching assistant.


            Click the link to access our topic web for this term which is                     'Early Islamic Civilizations'.   

New Style Early Islamic Civilisation Detailed Unit Plan - Years 5 and 6 -  Mr T Does History

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Homework Information    


We are reading  by The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad by Saviour Pirotta.

 The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad (Flashbacks)


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Long Term Plan

Parent Help Guide for Maths

Our current theme in computing is Programming. We have been fortunate enough to loan a class set of "Crumbles" which the children have enjoyed programming. Oak Class worked in computing pairs to write code which enabled the "Sparkle" unit to flash on and off repeatedly. Some children challenged themselves to create different lighting patterns using "brick coding". Many children overcame challenges that occurred with the code they had created by exploring different ways of debugging.

In Art we sketched out a base for our Jason Mecier style collages. We used proportionate drawing skills and the outcome was astounding!

While studying Ancient Egypt, we had a thrilling topic lesson where we experimented with  mummifying dolls, explored tombs and crafted our own pyramids. Here are some photographs of the fun we had.

In the Spring term we studied the theme of 'Peace' in RE. Our first lesson was spent exploring the word peace and defining what it meant to us and how we could find it.


We have been lucky to have the plumber drummer visit us again! The children loved identifying popular songs and theme tunes as he played them to the whole school.


In Art we have been exploring different printing techniques. Here are some examples of our double layered rainforest prints.

As part of our Christmas performance we put together a festive themed poem. The theme of the poem was forgiveness. We each shared a confession which we then weaved it into a poem to asking for Santa's forgiveness. Below you will find our poem.


Dear Santa

I'm writing a letter to Santa,

To tell him I've been oh-so-good.

I've been such a sweet little angel,

And done all the things I should.


But there are some secrets I must confess,

Things I did that caused a bit of a mess.

I hope Santa forgives, gives me a chance,

To make amends and join the good kids' dance.


First, I admit, while Mum was in the loo,

I squirted dogs with water, oh, what a to-do!

They shook and they barked, a watery spree,

But I promise, Santa, it wasn't just me.


Then in a tantrum, oh, what a sight,

I got so cross, I broke the stairs with might.

Spindles went flying, oh dear, oh dear,

I promise, Santa, I'll be good next year.


Dad's wrestling poster, a prized possession,

I painted its nails, a colourful transgression.

Fingers in hues, a masterpiece, you see,

But forgive me, Santa, for my creativity.


The hamster escaped, chased by the dog,

Down the stairs, a chase, mum all agog.

I didn't intend to cause so much of a scene,

give me a second chance I’m really not that mean.


Sitting on my sister, a terrible mistake,

I didn't know she was there, oh, for goodness' sake!

I promise in the future I will always be aware,

And only ever park my bum upon a proper chair.


A meal half-cooked to trick my brother,

Quarrels ensued, unimpressed was my mother.

I'll learn my lesson, Santa, you'll see,

No more trickery, just sincerity.


A self-haircut, when boredom was near,

I chopped off some locks, I regrettably fear.

I'll wear a hat, Santa, I'll make it right,

I promise not to snip, not even a slight.


Nerf gun in hand, thinking it's clear,

I shot Mum's face, causing a tear.

I'll check before I shoot, Santa, I swear,

No more surprise attacks, just love in the air.


Midnight snacks of water and sweets,

Snook back to bed, feeling much more complete.

I'll resist temptation, Santa, you'll see,

No more sneaking, just bedtime for me.


Mum's sweets and chocolates, a tasty crime,

I blamed my brother, a clever mime.

Confession time, Santa, I want to be truthful,

I'll share the treats so no need to be rueful.


And trapping my sister's fingers in the door,

A mistake I made, hurting her once more.

I'll be gentle and careful, Santa, I plea,

No more accidents, you must believe me.


So here's my letter, Santa dear,

I hope you read it, loud and clear.

Maybe I haven't been perfect every day,
But, Santa, I swear, I have tried in every way.

Enter text...

 McMillan Coffee 

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the McMillan coffee morning. All of the children enjoyed eating buns and cakes for a good cause.



Your shoe box donations were put to good use as the children took on the challenge of making a suspension bridge. First the children researched the design of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Then they used their new knowledge to design a suspension bridge which would transport small toy cars. 

The children in Oak Class were extremely resilient when some of their design ideas didn't quite go as planned. All children had some great ideas on how they might do it differently next time. 

Here are a few of the finished products.




The children had some good fun with their recent science investigation where they tested the strength of a range of biscuits. The class discovered that the shortcake was the least absorbent of the six biscuits tested and hypothesized that this was due to its dense outer coating.


In Art, as part of our Spanish Day celebrations, we took a break from our current topic and sculpted some Salvador Dali inspired clocks. The class adored the opportunity to work with clay. Here are their finished products.